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SKU: ar2100viewbt

Easy view… clear recordings


Safe and easy wireless connection
thanks to the bluetooth or IR (Infrared) digital interface.

Efficient and fast control of the recording quality
thanks to the multichannel graphic display able to visualize the ECG signal before and during a recording with no need to print out immediately on paper.

User friendly interface
the liquid crystal display, a complete alphanumeric keyboard and dedicated keys for a quick access to the main operating function, ensure quick and trouble free operation of the ECG examination and patient management.

Easily adapted to suit your individual requirements
the selection of the “options” offered has no restrictions or constraints, it has no effect on day-to-day use of the instrument and upgrades can be made directly at your clinic or ward.

Digital ECG... bluetooth
allows a PC innovative, simple and flexible connection for the one that desires the digital archive without being bound to a fixed position of recording with more ECGs “operational”, but also for the one who wants a PC-ECG without abdicating to a traditional solution and “wireless”.

Main Features


  • Automatic, manual and pre-programmed recording mode
  • Multi-channel print format on A4 paper: 3, 6×1, 6×2, “Full Page” (3×4+R) and (3×4+3R), 12 channel
  • LCD Display type for ECG real time 3, 6, 6+6 channels
  • Extended alphanumeric keyboard
  • Paper in rolls and packs
  • Dual power supply: mains and rechargeable internal battery
  • Memory of the last ECG recording and printing of additional copies
  • Time and date indication

Option available


  • Memory option*
  • PC archive option*
  • ECG measurements option
  • ECG analysis program
  • Arrhythmia option
  • HRV analysis option
  • PC ECG option

* Features present in version ar2100viewbt


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